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Sheffield Village runs and parties for arts programs

Thursday, September 7th, 2017


Photo by Michele Murphy Sheffield Village’s annual “Art After Dark” fund-raiser drew more than 100 guests to help raise money for Brookside High School’s marching band and TrueNorth Cultural Arts. Seated left to right, are Mayor John Hunter, Sandra Willis, band booster president, and Montay Burks, general manager, Homewood Suites. Standing behind on the left is Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Schools Superintendent Michael Cook …Read More

Brookside Assistant Principal retires – again

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

By Michele Murphy

Westshore – Retiring Brookside High School Assistant Principal Bill Hamilton was in a reflective mood and admits he was experiencing some melancholy on the final day of school.

He looks forward to having more time to himself and spending time with his family – wife, Kathy, their two sons and four granddaughters. He plans to serve as a Guardian ad Litum (GAL) to protect …Read More

Sheffield-Sheffield Lake School District proud of small surplus, cautious about future funding

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Sheffield Lake/Sheffield Village

by Michele Murphy

After taking steps in recent years to end deficit spending, the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake School District has begun to accumulate a small surplus.

District treasurer Michael Pissini recently presented a five-year fiscal forecast report to the school board. The report is presented each fall and again in the spring. The fall forecast predicts revenue and expenses, and the spring report details how actual …Read More

Local districts forced to shell out $13 million to charter schools

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

Wallets of local taxpayers are nearly $13 million lighter as a result of the Ohio Legislature’s inability to fix a convoluted and inequitable school funding formula that literally extracts taxpayer-approved funds from local public school districts to support operations of non-taxpayer-approved charter schools.

The Ohio Legislature created charter, or community, schools in the late 1990s. The intention was to enhance quality education opportunities for “disadvantaged” children …Read More