Avon Lake teen is an Eagle Scout




Evan Danielson, a sophomore at Avon Lake High School, can now proudly say he’s an Eagle Scout.

Evan Danielson dedicated his knot-tying board at Miller Road Park in Avon Lake last weekend. Photo courtesy of Danielson.

He recently unveiled his Eagle Scout project — an informative knot board permanently installed at Miller Road Park.

“Knot in the Know About Knots?” the board asks. If not, Evan has you covered.

Members of the public can follow instructions and learn to tie more than 20 different types of boating and everyday knots, using lengths of rope attached to the board.

“It answers an unaddressed area of general knowledge by helping our community learn a quick and useful solution to just about everything involving a knot, ranging from how to tie up your boat, to securing a load to the roof of your car,” said Evan, a member of Boy Scout Troop 729, which meets at Bay United Methodist Church in Bay Village. “Knot tying is a skill that everyone should learn because the correct knot to use in a situation can be quite advantageous. In fact, someone stopping by told me how he uses several of my knots regularly at work.”

Mayor Greg Zilka attended the unveiling. He couldn’t picture a knot board in his head. Curious to know what the project would look like, he headed over to Miller Park.

“I was very pleased to see the end result,” said Zilka. “I think it’s a real asset to the park.”

Avon Lake Regional Water’s chief utility officer Todd Danileson, who happens to be Evan’s dad, said only 4 percent of boys who enter scouting achieve the Eagle Scout rank. Evan has been in scouting for more than a decade. He said reaching the rank of Eagle Scout shows his achievements from basic survival skills to leadership and community service.

“We are incredibly proud of Evan,” Todd said. “Wherever he goes in life, these experiences will help him be more successful.”

Evan’s favorite knot? The quick-release Highwayman’s Hitch, of course.

“Its name was coined by famous highway bandits of the west, who would use it to hitch their horse: quick to tie up, secure, and would quickly come undone if escape was necessary,” Evan said.

Leaving behind the knot board, protected under its own little roof, Evan will certainly carry the experience with him.

“All in all, I view the rank of Eagle Scout as the ultimate title—recognizing a person for being a well-rounded, humble leader, who is dedicated to both his community, and society as a whole,” he said.




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