Bus driver charged for slapping man



SHEFFIELD VILLAGE – The Sheffield-Sheffield Lake school district suspended bus driver Robert Schmidt, 83, of Lorain, after he was accused of slapping a village resident outside his bus last Monday.

Sheffield Village Police Chief Larry Bliss said Schmidt got into an altercation with 57-year old William Langin when Langin attempted to talk to Schmidt about why he was not using the bus’s emergency lights and warning sign equipment while dropping children off after school on Parkhurst Drive. Langin was outside his house when Schmidt was dropping off students when he noticed his lights were off.

Schmidt reportedly made an obscene gesture and used foul language in responding to Langin. Bliss said Langin walked up to the side of the bus to continue talking to Schmidt when Schmidt reached out the window and slapped him.

Two students witnessed the incident, which occurred about 4:30 p.m., Bliss said.

Schmidt was issued a summons to appear in Avon Lake Municipal Court Wednesday, Sept. 6, on assault charges, Bliss said.

School Superintendent Mike Cook said he finds the incident regrettable. “We strive to maintain a positive relationship with everyone in our community. Incidents like this are not just unacceptable, they will not be tolerated,” he said.

Cook said Schmidt will not drive a bus or be allowed near school property until the criminal complaint is settled. He said the district would assess that outcome to determine whether Schmidt would return to his job or terminated.

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