Aspiring filmmaker, Lake Ridge Academy freshman, shares film camp journal

Kevin Ostrica is a budding filmmaker.

Editor’s Note: Aspiring filmmaker Kevin Ostrica, 14, a North Ridgeville Lake Ridge Academy freshman and Avon Lake resident, this summer signed up for film camp at Capital University, located in Columbus. Previously, he attended a now-discontinued film camp at Oberlin College. As an aspiring producer and director, he agreed to share his summer experience for others who might be interested in the entertainment industry. Below is his first diary entry about the first week on campus and the short film he’s already created with fellow teenage campers.

By Kevin Ostrica
I love movies. Ever since I was little, I aspired to become a filmmaker. I’ve always been in love with movies, and it wasn’t  until I was about 9 or 10 when I really knew why. That was when I discovered my love for writing screenplays.

Starting in 2015, I went to the AOI film camp funded by Oberlin College. There I discovered that not only did I have a passion for screenwriting, but for directing and editing, too. Enjoy this experience and  looking to do it again, I joined the camp a second time in 2016.

Unfortunately, due to budgetary issues, the Oberlin camp discontinued. This summer, looking for another way to channel my love for filmmaking, I stumbled upon a creative art camps at Capital University, this time, an overnight camp.

Monday, June 12 (Day 1)
To begin, we reviewed story structure and the Three Act theory by Syd Field. We then applied what we learned and did short story exercises. Next, we were introduced to our camera (which is very complicated) and our sound equipment. Then, we went back to writing and brainstormed a story in 30 minutes. The group that I am a part of came up with an interesting crime short with an antihero. We then wrote the final screenplay and named it “The Call.”

Tuesday, June 13 (Day 2)
First, we read through all of our scripts so that all four groups got to know each other’s movies. After getting feedback, we had a rewrite session. In the afternoon, we made storyboards and planned the locations for the shooting. We also picked our actors and gave our counselors a list of props we would need.

Wednesday, June 14 (Day 3)
In the morning, we met our actors and started shooting. Some actors were easier to work with than others. Some actors didn’t listen to directions, but we finally got through the day after eight hours of shooting.

Thursday, June 15 (Day 4)
To start off the day, we learned how to use Adobe Premiere, our software for editing. Then we began editing. Each person in each group edited their own cut, using the same footage from their movie. Personally, this is my favorite part of the filmmaking process.

Friday, June 16 (Day 5, last day)
We started editing again and turned in our cuts of the film in the morning. Once we were happy with our final edits, we exported our films onto a hard drive. After lunch, we voted on which cut was the best for each movie. Later that night, we go to see the “popular” cut for each film in the local movie theater.


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