City asks for paitence during road improvements

By Nicole Hennessy

Avon Lake

Roadwork began at Lear and Krebs roads Monday. Press photo — Nicole Hennessy

Construction started Monday on the $1.2 million improvement project at the intersection of Lear and Krebs roads.

New turning lanes and traffic lights are being added on either side of the tracks to help move traffic along more smoothly.

The city is asking for patience, as the project won’t be completed until the end of September.

“The roadwork portion won’t take too long, but we have to wait for the traffic lights to be installed, so it’ll be kind of a two-part thing,” said public works Director Joe Reitz.

“You don’t just put them up and then turn them on,” he added. The lights must be timed to traffic patterns and in conjunction with the trains.

The new lanes will include a southbound left turn lane off Lear onto Krebs, as well as a westbound right turn lane on Krebs to go northbound on Lear.

Once the roadwork is complete, the turning lanes will be in use and the stop signs will remain in place as the lights are installed.

“When they’re blocking traffic, it will be down to one lane, and they’ll have police officers directing traffic around it,” Reitz said.

“If people want to completely avoid the area, we have put detour signs up over to SR 83.”

Reiterating that he’s hoping for understanding while this long-awaited project is completed, he urged drivers to plan ahead.

“If they go and they try to get through there, they’re gonna have to expect some long delays,” said Reitz.

“Emergency access will always be maintained.”


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