Best friend seeks support for 34-year-old cancer victim from Sheffield Lake

Besties – Amy Tackett (l) and Christianna Marcinick posed for this photo near Sheffield Lake’s boat launch prior to Amy’s most recent cancer diagnosis. (photo courtesy of Amy Tackett)


Love – 34-year-old Amy Tackett posed for a recent photo with daughters Hannah (l) and Leah (r). (Photo – Amy’s Gofundme page)

Sheffield Lake

by Michele Murphy

Christianna Marcinick manages a hearty laugh when asked how she met Sheffield Lake resident Amy Tackett.

“My son was a little terror in her day care class,” she laughs. Evidently regular parent-teacher conferences paid off in more than one way. “I’m thankful for him misbehaving because it earned me one heck of a friendship.”

She chokes up as she describes the brave fight 34-year-old Amy has waged against cancer for the past decade. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 23. Shortly thereafter, she and her husband divorced.

Amy focused on raising her two daughters and became involved with her mom caring for and fostering dogs who were rescued from dire circumstances.

Cancer has struck again, this time in her brain. Despite what the family says were their best efforts, doctors told them and Amy that they had done everything possible.

Now Christi is determined to do one last thing for her longtime friend, and her motivation is to both help and thank her.

“She saved my mom,” Christi states. At Amy’s urging, Christi’s mom had a lump in her breast checked by a doctor. It was breast cancer. Her treatment was successful.

Christi and another girlfriend of Amy’s have started a GoFundMe page to help defray costs of Amy’s funeral and burial. They already have raised just over $1,200 of their $17,500 goal.

Despite the fact Amy is now in hospice care, she remains optimistic and still plans to exhaust every lead possible that could help extend her life. She says she wants to be around to raise her girls, and she wants to live a long life. Christi hopes that for her friend, too, but meanwhile is making the drive from her home in Barberton to Sheffield Lake to see her friend as often as possible. “I’m a mom and it tears me to pieces at the thought of having to put myself in her mom’s shoes and think that is going to happen,” Christi says. “If we can take one worry off them, this is one thing they would greatly appreciate,” she says of the fundraising effort to cover final expenses. Amy’s Gofundme page is: .


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