‘Go for it!’ Sheffield Village small business owners encourage newcomers



Sheffield Village

by Michele Murphy

Tim Moff remembers the first time he set eyes on the site where he eventually built Sugar Creek Restaurant in the middle of Sheffield Village. That was 24 years ago.

Across Abbe Road, Scott Nagy, DDS, and associates in his growing dental practice, are celebrating their first anniversary at their location. Around the corner, lifelong Sheffield Village resident Jimmy Miller and business partner, Tammy Miller (no relation), are heading into their seventh year at their location where they provide title insurance for both residential and commercial properties at Miller Home Title.

They represent the diversity of businesses that have settled in Sheffield Village, but share virtually the same thought about what they would recommend to another business person thinking about moving into the village. Two immediately respond, “Go for it,” and the third adds “Definitely.”

Tim Moff, owner of Sugar Creek Restaurant in Sheffield Village, greets some of his regular customers. (Press photo – Michele Murphy)

Moff recalls the day he first saw the spot where his restaurant now stands off Detroit Road near Abbe Road. His dad, who was a truck driver, had pulled in for gas at a nearby station. Tim, who was riding with him that day, just happened to look over.

“It was just gravel,” he recalls. He went from gravel to grand opening in about six months’ time. He says it was a “smooth process” and village personnel were, and continue to be, helpful.

Moff began working in the restaurant business at age 14. He subsequently worked as a cook, then a manager at other restaurants. However, he really wanted a place of his own and Sugar Creek Restaurant became that place. He calls it a family friendly, “homey” restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are two larger banquet rooms for parties or meetings. For example, the Lions Club meets regularly at Sugar Creek. He employs 22-25 full- and part-time employees.

Moff says, “When I came here, there was nothing here,” recalling being surrounded by woods.

“It’s built up 20 times since I have been here,” he continues. He said he is very happy in Sheffield Village, calling it a “nice” and “quiet” community, noting the number of new houses that have been built.

“The schools are good,” he says, adding, “It’s a good place to raise a family.”

Jimmy Miller, co-owner, Miller Home Title, with daughter 

Jimmy Miller would be a good person to ask about that because he is raising his family in Sheffield Village. As a matter of fact, he has lived there all his life. Perhaps it is not a surprise to learn he also has his business in Sheffield Village. What may be a surprise is that he recalls his first job was at Sugar Creek Restaurant bussing tables at age 14.

Miller says he and his partner were looking for an office space equidistant from his home in the village and her home in North Ridgeville. In addition to convenience, they also wanted a location that would give them “high visibility.” Their location on Detroit Road, just east of Abbe Road, does that, according to Miller. “Thousands of cars drive by every day and see our name,” he says.

The partners do not hesitate to help the community when asked. They support Brookside boys and girls soccer as well as an annual alumni soccer game. They have donated jerseys for the All-Lorain County boys and girls All-Star soccer teams, and sponsored youth soccer and baseball in both Sheffield and North Ridgeville. A former soccer player himself, Miller has coached youth soccer for two years and serves as a board member for youth soccer in Sheffield the past year.

Miller Home Title participates in an annual holiday turkey drive led by village Mayor John Hunter and also supports police and fire causes.

Scott Nagy, DDS, Nagy Family Dental Group, one of Sheffield Village’s newer businesses (Press photo – Michele Murphy)

Scott Nagy, DDS, is another businessman with a generous heart. His dental practice employs 14 presently, but that number will grow by the end of the year as a new dentist and team members will swell their ranks to between 17 and 20.

Nagy describes the practice as a general dental practice with several specialty services including oral surgery, dental implants and sedation dentistry.

He says their intention has been to grow the practice. “We picked this place as a result of our growth vision,” he says. He adds they are on track to double the business and could even surpass that. He said as they grow, “We can reach and help more people and that’s what we’re all about.”

Nagy says patients travel from Sandusky, Norwalk and Toledo, and their proximity to the interstate makes the drive easier for them.

While his focus is teeth, he has shown he also has a big heart. He created the Scott Nagy DDS LTD Foundation to ensure local children and families have access to needed dental care. He then expanded the mission to work in the Dominican Republic. He is also proud of his Halloween candy buyback, saying last fall between 175-200 children participated.

As different as these business owners are, all three chose Sheffield Village for similar reasons: great location, growing community, and encouragement and support from Mayor John Hunter and others at Village Hall.

Nagy says large companies have people who tell them where to locate their businesses. He says looking at all the stores with recognizable national brand names nearby seems like proof Sheffield Village is a good place to be. “It seems to be a real hot spot for development in the county.”

Miller says he believes another advantage for businesses is attractive price points, calling them “beneficial.” In addition, “The village will work with you to help let us grow.”

Moff considers himself a “hands-on” owner, which may account for his high opinion of Hunter, whom Moff also sees as “hands-on.” “John (Hunter) would do anything for you. He’ll guide you through. He’ll even make calls (to get information). It’s a big help,” he says.

Nagy, who has been in practice 20 years, moved from another community to Sheffield Village and says it was “a shocker” to have a “proactive” mayor and staff who asked, “How can we help you?” He went on to say how an “administration working with us made it so much more streamlined. We never had to go looking for them and that’s been great.”

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