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From ‘no,no,no’ to ‘grow, grow, grow,’ Avon is an economic juggernaut

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017


By Michele Murphy

Before 1960, Avon was a village of fewer than 5,000 residents. When it became a city in 1961, it struggled with issues that included residents fighting about installation of sanitary sewers and the construction of Interstate 90.

According to a history written by long-time Avon resident Taylor Smith, published in 2005, the state had imposed a building freeze on Avon in 1968. Smith wrote, …Read More

Dark Skies event runs smoothly in second year; department continues to grow

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

By Nicole Hennessy

Avon Lake

Guests funneled in the door of Avon Lake’s Old Firehouse Feb. 17, checking out the photo booth, the dimly lit nighttime craft area, the space-themed tables and the ever-popular StarLab, a portable planetarium.

This was the second year for the Dark Skies, Bright Kids event, organized by the city’s quickly expanding Parks and Recreation Department.

The department’s director, Tim Pinchek, sat at a table helping kids match …Read More

Artist brings addiction awareness to Avon; local leaders try to move past awareness to recovery

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Avon/Avon Lake

By Nicole Hennessy

Mannequin legs topped with hypodermic syringes climbing a ladder only to fall into a garbage can once the highest rung has been reached.

Ryan Poignon’s art installation addressing the heroin epidemic by depicting users finding a high then falling into a low went up with no warning – an intentional choice made by the artist – yesterday morning.

Poignon originally displayed the piece outside …Read More

Third-grade spelling champ calmly, cooly makes his way to title

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

By Michael Fitzpatrick

Ethan Crevda stood in front of a microphone in the Liberty Elementary cafeteria as the school’s entire third-grade class sat crisscross-applesauce in front of him.

In such an environment, what third-grader wouldn’t be nervous? There are men and women well into middle age who get dizzy and break into a flop sweat at just the thought they might have to stand up and say …Read More