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Random acts – let’s make them kind, not cruel

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

America celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Week this week. The beauty of participating is that kindness doesn’t cost you one thin dime.

I was fortunate to spend time late last week with some pretty great kids at Sheffield’s Brookside Intermediate School. They ranged in ages from 8 to 12 or 13. They were celebrating Valentine’s Day with parties and fun activities in their classrooms with their …Read More

New assistant principal’s goal: Be role model of fairness and caring

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Sheffield Lake/Sheffield Village

By Michele Murphy

Darryl Graves, newly appointed assistant principal at Brookside Intermediate School (BIS) in the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake School District, has an impressive resume but is more concerned people know these two things abut him: he is fair and he is caring.

He began teaching in the 1970s and says things have changed a lot since then. One of those changes is that kids who …Read More