Let’s celebrate!

There is reason to celebrate every single day. First, if you are breathing, you have another opportunity to have a great day yourself by saying “I love you” to someone who has not heard those words in awhile; or by making an overdue phone call to a friend, or someone who is lonely or isolated; by tackling a delayed project; or taking a walk while temperatures remain comfortable.

Many families are thinking through plans to celebrate Halloween. Witches, ghosts, ghouls, lights, pumpkins, cornstalks and bales of hay are flying out of local stores or garden centers because this holiday has become a decorating extravaganza to celebrate.

We can celebrate the great year our sports teams have had – and continue to have. Cheer the Cleveland W-Indians as they earn their way to a league championship, and hopefully the World Series. They have given us plenty to celebrate and something to look forward to. Then there are the world champion Cavaliers, whose first home game is Oct. 25. Owner Dan Gilbert gives us something else to celebrate by giving championship rings to everyone in the Cavs’ organization – maintenance, security, catering. Nice.

Let’s celebrate the Cleveland (formerly Lake Erie) Monsters’ championship. C’mon, you don’t know the Monsters? They are the hockey team who brought home to Cleveland the coveted Calder Cup. Their season is now underway. Go cheer them on.

Not into sports? That’s ok. Let’s celebrate Playhouse Square, the phenomenal Cleveland Orchestra and its free concerts around town; Beck Center, Stocker Center and Lorain Palace Theater. Let’s cheer on the local students who go to choir, band or orchestra practice, play or dance rehearsals to be able to offer us great concerts and performances.

Check out the renovated Public Square on your way to a dizzying number of terrific restaurants all over Cleveland – downtown, Tremont, the Flats, Shaker Square, E 185th Street.

When you are downtown, check out the residences that have been built above stores or in old factories. Stop by Heinen’s on East 9th and Euclid. Thousands of young people have relocated into the center of the city and that is something to celebrate because it speaks to a positive future.

Still need a reason to celebrate? Check the calendar. Every month, week and day of the year gives us a reason. In the coming week, you can celebrate National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day (Oct. 21); National Make a Difference Day (Oct. 22); National TV Talk Show Host Day (Oct. 23); National Bologna Day (Oct. 24);  United Nations Day (Oct. 24); and National Mincemeat Day (Oct. 26).

Here are two more dates to celebrate, appealing to widely varying tastes: Oct. 27 is National American Beer Day, which gives us reason to celebrate the number of good microbreweries in the area. Then comes Oct. 28 – National Chocolate Day, which rates right up there with other holy days of obligation for me.

Here’s something else to celebrate. It’s time to vote. There are candidates and issues worthy of our vote. I’d say some even give us reason to celebrate. There are still many good people running for office. There are important issues to consider. Let your voice be heard then celebrate that we have a voice and that we have choices.

Then let’s celebrate America. Veterans Day is Nov. 11, the Friday after the election. Let’s celebrate their service, and remember their sacrifice. Let’s celebrate the police and firefighter/paramedics who keep us safe and the service department staff who retrieve the garbage, pick up leaves, repair our streets and keep our sewers flowing properly. Let’s celebrate teachers and schools who are working to get the next generation of Americans ready to become parents, leaders, serve in the military, innovate and keep our democracy thriving.

Let’s celebrate sales. Why not? We all love them.

The news can often make us feel there isn’t much to celebrate. Certainly, life has challenges and some are daunting. But, might it be possible to weather those times better if we take time to celebrate when we can?

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