On the Sideline: Time flies when you’re having fun

By Ryan Kaczmarski
In each person’s professional life, there can be many acts. One goes from merely having a job, to navigating through a career, with all of its ups and downs.
There is that first job one takes while still in high school, to make money to put gasoline in the clunker you and your parents collaborated to buy. Then there were all the odd jobs which helped you through the collegiate years, not only to buy books, but pizza, tacos and, occasionally, beer (if you were old enough, wink, wink). After college, one sends hundreds of resumes out in hopes of landing that first entry-level job in the field which you have studied and practice for at least the last four years of your life. You land that first post-collegiate job, which sends you on an arc through your chosen field. Some are good … some bad. You may bounce around, going from employer to employer, honing your craft, and hopefully, advancing up the ladder of success. Sometimes, you might even find the your perfect job. The one you wanted all your life!
Then what? You love what you are doing, but you still strive for more.
This is the quandary I find myself in today. I feel that I have done all there is to do in my position of Sports Editor of the West Life Newspaper and West Side Sports. Over the last five years, I have had the opportunity to make many friends in the Westshore area of Cleveland. I have also had the pleasure of covering some of the best (in my opinion) high school athletics one could witness.
From the Rocky River girls soccer state championship in 2013 and Westlake High School’s first-ever trip to the Division I state baseball championship game and having the boy and girls first singles tennis state champions in the same calendar year, to Lutheran West wrestler James Handwerk earning the school’s first (and now second) state championship in any sport, I have experienced the best the local high school sports one could ask for. There are countless games, meets and matches I could reminisce about, but that would take months to compile.
I had my favorite events to cover, such as the annual Classic at Mastick 5K, which kicked off the fall sports season, to the Phil Bova baseball camp, which started off each summer. I made too many friends from each community to mention, and I had the privilege to cover my alma mater, Olmsted Falls High School.
Although I make this move with great trepidation, I know it is time. The future for both me as an individual, and West Side Sports as an entity, is bright. I am looking forward to the next chapter of my professional life, but I will never forget how all of you helped me get to this point in my life.
Finally, I would just like to say thank you, to all our readers and everyone who helped make West Side Sports what it is today.

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