Avon seeking advertisers for pool project


By Nicole Hennessy

For now, Avon’s new pool is being referred to as the Avon Municipal Aquatic Facility. But by the time 90-degree heat is blasting down on cooled-off swimmers this summer, that may not be the case.

Currently seeking advertisers with the help of Look Strategies, the city of Avon hopes doing so will help to offset some of the cost of the $7 million project.

“Our reservation is that we want to keep Avon in it,” Mayor Bryan Jensen said of the pool’s overall name.

If an interested party is willing to meet that requirement and pay about $150,000 each year for a total of $1.5 million, the city and Look Strategies will be more than willing to work with them.

In the meantime, Jensen said, the focus is really on selling the naming rights of smaller sections, such as the pool’s children’s area, or the sliding board area or banners that will surround the facility.

For about $300 a month, some of these advertising opportunities are being made available to smaller local businesses.

The prices increase from there and will be based on a monthly or yearly schedule.

According to Jensen, about 30 to 40 businesses have shown interest in advertising at the aquatic facility so far. Those businesses, he said, will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Back in November, planning of the pool’s final design hit a snag when bids came in as much as $2 million more than expected. But after eliminating some of the facility’s planned features, such as the bulkhead, which would have divided the pool for competitive swimming, as well as a lazy river feature, the $7 million budget is back on track.

Of that, $4.9 million will go to the pool itself. The reset of the funds will go to road improvements and sidewalks. The city is even considering adding a small hiking path, something Avon residents have expressed a desire for in surveys unrelated to the pool project.

Phase II of the project may even include a playground.

Though most of the construction will have to wait until after the cold weather breaks, Avon’s city engineer, Ryan Cummins, reported at the Feb. 16 Avon City Council meeting that several portions of the project are still moving toward completion.

“Foundations have been excavated and are starting to be poured for the buildings,” he said.

The sewer work has also been completed and progress has been made on the parking lot.

In addition to advertisers, the city has also begun searching for lifeguards and coming up with ways to work with local organizations, such as the YMCA.

With advertisers, partnerships and the cost of pool entrance or membership, the city has been saying all along, the pool will end up paying for itself.

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