Board of Municipal Utilities chairman resigning for business opportunity

Avon Lake

By Bryan Wroten

Board of Municipal Utilities Chairman Dave Marquard will resign April 15.

Marquard delivered the news to the other board members at the March 19 board meeting. In his letter of resignation, he explained that his business had the unexpected opportunity to purchase a major supplier. As a result, he would not be able to devote as much time as necessary to the board.

In an interview, Marquard said the supplier was owned by a friend of his who recently passed away. Two weeks ago, his friend’s family asked Marquard whether his company would be willing to buy the company.

Between the new business and the growth opportunities it affords, he decided to resign.

“I’ve enjoyed working for the public,” he said. “It’s been an honor to serve.”

The board selected Marquard as the chairman following the retirement of former board Chairman Chuck Whitmer in 2012. Residents of Avon Lake first elected him to serve on the board in 1998. He is the president and CEO of IBEDA Inc. and Applied Home Healthcare Equipment Inc.

The news came as a surprise, ALMU Chief Utilities Executive Todd Danielson said. It’s good of Marquard to realize only a few months into his new term that while things are changing for him, it may be best to find

someone with the time to dedicate to the board.

“I’ve enjoyed my three years with him,” Danielson said. “Every board member provides their own unique perspective. I enjoyed working with him, and I’m sad to see him go.”

Mayor Greg Zilka said the timing of the resignation surprised him. He had met Marquard for breakfast just the day before, he said, and the chairman mentioned possibly resigning earlier than planned but gave no details of when.

“I really appreciate his service to the city, and he’s been a real asset to the board,” Zilka said.

The board has seen some changeover in recent years. Whitmer retired in 2012, which led to the board

selecting Ian Hessel to fill the open position. Former board member Tony Abram decided not to run for

re-election last year, leaving a spot later filled by new board member Tim Rush. Now with Marquard’s upcoming resignation, the majority of the board will be made up of new members.

While having history on the board and with the utilities is important, Danielson said, it’s not the only thing.

“The next few years will be a different phase from what I would consider what we’ve been in for a long time,” he said. “We need board members able to have a long-term perspective and think about not just how we’ve always done things, but how we need to do things in the future.”

The board did not formally accept Marquard’s letter of resignation at its meeting. Danielson said the board will be scheduled to accept it at its next scheduled meeting. The board then has 30 days to select a new board member once the seat is vacant, he said, so the utilities will advertise for the position after the board accepts the resignation. The board will review applications and schedule public interviews with the appropriate candidates to make its selection, he said.

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