Football manager leaves mark, huge spot to fill at season’s end

By Kayley Stutson

The Spectrum Staff Writer

Arriving promptly for football practice, he lugs equipment on to the field and oversees the maintenance of players’ gear.

He is the first one on and the last one off the field everyday. This is a job ideally for three people, but completed by one. This routine is finished daily from the month of June to November without any pay. However, it isn’t done without enjoyment or purpose.

The commitment and dedication he exudes makes student manager, senior Sam Chafin, a great asset to the Shoremen football program.

A Friday in the life of Chafin would start as a normal school day from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

At 4 p.m. he arrives to the high school to begin field preparations in a Shoremen Football polo and khaki dress pants. Once the clock starts he is on duty. If a helmet breaks or a shoulder pad becomes loose, Chafin is the one to see. Without his presence and skill, the flow of each game would be much different.

Kicking coach Mr. Stuebner knows personally how valuable Chafin has been to the team.

“Next year, the toughest position to fill might be Sam Chafin’s,” Mr. Stuebner said. He has made remarkable contributions to the football program, and he will be missed.”

The senior’s involvement in football began in seventh grade under Coach Arra. From the beginning, it was obvious that Chafin was not cut out to play football.

“I wanted to quit, was told I couldn’t by my mom, and then Arra gave me the alternative,” he said.

It was two weeks after preseason conditioning that he made the transition from athlete to student manager. Chafin describes the change as relatively easy, considering he was only a player for such a short period of time. While at Learwood, his responsibility consisted mostly of field preparations.

As time progressed his workload increased, as well as an amounted set of responsibilities.

At the varsity level, he describes himself as doing basically everything including hours of inventory, summer work, and continuing with field preparation. Starting with freshman year, Chafin managed freshman and varsity games, sophomore and junior years he managed JV and varsity games.  Currently during his senior year, he manages strictly varsity games.

“Shoremen football has been around a long time,” Mr. Stuebner said. “I don’t know all the students who have been managers, but I would bet that none of them had more competence, sense of responsibility and passion for Shoremen football than Sam has.”

This dedication isn’t just for fun, though. The senior hopes that the position he has at the high school will be able to translate once he begins college.

“I want to do this in college so it’s going to help out there. I hope to go into sports management, and I plan on going to OU.” Chafin said.

Despite missing out on spending games in the student section and dedicating his hours to the football team, Chafin enjoys what he does. During the games he is able to hang with his friends on the side lines, and will carry some memorable experiences with him. His favorite is from two seasons ago.

“The Olmsted Falls game I was fixing Booch’s (Michael Butrey) shoulder pad and we scored a touchdown, “ he said. “The field goal tee didn’t get out in time so we had to take a timeout and Dlugosz scolded me…I think I am the first one to get a Dlugosz apology, though.”



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