Avon city council candidates speak on infrastructure: Lee Belardo

In the spirit of the public forum Press managing editor Peter Comings will moderate for the four mayoral candidates, the six candidates for three at large City Council seats and the two Ward 1 candidates for one seat were all given the opportunity to submit a 400-word response to the questions, What do you feel is the biggest infrastructure need in the city right now? Why? How will it be paid for? Ward 1 candidate Douglas Haessig was unable to return a column by deadline. The mayoral forum starts at 7 p.m. at the Avon High School auditorium and is open to the public.

Avon’s unprecedented growth over the recent years and under Mayor Smith’s administration has changed Avon from a rural farming community to a thriving suburban town with all amenities imaginable nearby for its residents.

Whoever becomes the next Mayor of Avon will need to recognize changing priorities as the city continues to mature.  As a member of the next city council, I would encourage the next Mayor to be ahead of the pace of development when it comes to all our city’s needs.  I am not seeking a seat on the next city council because I have a particular project in mind that the city should pursue.  Rather, I am a candidate for an at-large seat on the next city council because I believe I can contribute to the next phase of growth in our city.

Most people’s thoughts turn to roads, parks, water & sewer lines or police & fire departments when “infrastructure” is discussed. And each of these issues needs to be considered.  However, my thoughts go beyond the physical roads, parks, water lines and requirements of our safety service departments.  My thoughts go to the people in the administration who will make the decisions.  The people the next Mayor hires to run his departments will be crucial in continuing our city’s prosperity.  As one vote of seven on the next city council, I will be carefully scrutinizing the personnel the next Mayor decides to place into key positions when he seeks approval from council. Making sure that not only well qualified people are chosen, but also that the people chosen have the best interest of the city in mind will be important to me as an at-large member representing all of the residents of Avon on city council. It may cost a little more to attract and hire people who will benefit Avon in these key administrative positions.  However, the savings the city will see by smartly growing under their direction will more than pay for it.

On Nov. 5th, the citizens of Avon will have important decisions to make at the ballot box.  A vote for Lee Belardo as an at-large member of city council will ensure whoever the citizen’s choose as Mayor, they will have a person on the Council ready to keep the best interest of our city in mind. Together we can keep our city moving forward. Thank-you for your support.



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