City Council approves ‘good budget’ for 2012

North Ridgeville

By Jon Wysochanski

Appropriating money this year to cover expenses was tough, but through cooperation from department heads, council members and the city administration, a balanced budget resulted.

The budget was passed March 19 by City Council. Mayor David Gillock thanked those involved in the appropriations process.

“We’ve been working on this for close to a month,” he said. “It was a struggle, the budget is tight, but everybody worked hard, and we’ve accomplished a good budget.”

Ward 2 Councilman Dennis Boose acknowledged it isn’t the perfect set of numbers, but it never is. He thanked everyone involved, especially City Auditor Chris Costin, and others in the auditor’s department.

“A lot of hard work and effort went into this ordinance,” Boose said. “Once again, every year we do this, it takes well over a month of negotiations and discussions, and well beyond that having our department heads and the administration prepare for this.”

At-large representatives Roseanne Johnson and Bernadine Butkowski echoed Boose’s sentiments.

“All the department heads were very reasonable with their requests, and it made it kind of easy to do it because no one was over the top,” Johnson said. “The administration and the auditor’s office did a nice job.”

Butkowski called financial preparations a monstrous job that led to a balanced budget, all because of the sacrifices employees made.

“With the cooperation of all the city employees, we were able to balance our budget, unlike a lot of other cities,” she said. “We are very lucky to have such a wonderful staff to do this.”

Budget snapshot
Various totals in the 2012 budget include:
General fund – $11,328,210
Special revenue – $22,664,609
Debt service – $336,204
Capital projects – $5,310,885
Enterprise funds – $18,211,681
Internal service – $2,930,000
Trust and agency – $1,204,399
Library trust and agency – $1,194,440
Transfer from income tax fund – $7,500,000
All funds – $63,180,428.90


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