City advertises for bids to repave Avon Road on Westlake side in hopes of saving time, money on interchange project


By Rebecca Turman

Avon City Council passed a resolution Monday night to advertise for bids for the repaving of Avon Road from Bradley Road in Westlake to the Avon border.

In September 2011, City Council members approved an ordinance authorizing Avon Mayor Jim Smith to enter into an agreement with the city of Westlake to temporarily open Avon Road, which has been closed off at the Westlake border since March 2009.

According to the agreement, Westlake will only allow access to the road during the construction of the I-90 interchange construction at Nagel Road if the city of Avon resurfaces and maintains the road, according to the resolution council passed last night.

“In order to achieve significant savings in time and cost without jeopardizing the safety of residents in the area, the city desires to effectuate this Agreement with Westlake to facilitate the opening of Avon Road by fulfilling its obligation to repave said road from Bradley Road to the Westlake border with three inches of asphalt surface course for 2,500 linear feet,” the resolution states.

Ultimately, the city reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

The resolution further states, “The contract will not be executed unless the VECP (Value Engineering Change Proposals) for the interchange project is approved by both ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) and the city of Avon.”

In an e-mail earlier this week, Interchange Construction Project Manager Don Damyanic wrote, “The city may not award the work if it is not advantageous to have it performed.”

“My understanding is the cost would be somewhere around $75,000,” he wrote. “It would not have to be paved or opened to traffic until school is out for the summer, which would be around the second week of June 2012.”

If the city moves forward with the agreement, then Avon Road would be reopened on the Westlake end and closed to access on the Avon side at Nagel Road.

“The goal for paving Avon Road and closing off the Nagel / Avon Road intersection is to separate residential and construction traffic and allow the contractor to do their work all at once, which would speed construction,” Damyanic wrote.



(Press release from the city)

With the unseasonably warm weather starting the construction season off earlier than normal, the city of Avon would like to ask for the cooperation of the travelling public. Those using Nagel Road and Chester Road as a cut through going north or south are asked to find alternate routes of travel as soon as possible. Phased construction on Nagel Road will start in early April and any motorists not visiting local businesses should avoid the area. Those wishing to do business with merchants on Nagel Road, Chester Road or Just Imagine Drive should follow detour signs and slow down in construction zones.


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