Avon storm sewer installation approved for two areas

(Editor’s note: This corrects the amount paid to Bramhall Engineering and Surveying for the storm sewer installation on Elizabeth, Puth and Joseph streets design proces.)


By Jon Wysochanski

Anyone who happens to drive through the intersection of Long and Detroit roads on a rainy day may notice a substantial amount of flooding in that area.

City Engineer Robert Knopf and City Council are planning to fix the problem by installing storm sewers there, as well as on Elizabeth, Puth and Joseph streets.

The city entered into an agreement for design services with Zwick Associates Inc. for the work to be performed at the Long Road intersection.

Knopf said the cost of the project will be approximately $550,000, and the city will receive $325,000 through an Ohio Public Works Commission Issue 25 grant.

The design work will begin in the next couple weeks, he said, although construction will not begin until July. Knopf explained construction requires a second bidding process and that grant money does not come in until July 1.

“You can’t start construction unless you have all funds available,” Knopf said.

Knopf explained Long Road, once an rough, rural road, was paved once the city grew and more traffic started to travel on it.

“Since so many people were using it, the city paved it over,” he said. “Because of that, it really wasn’t designed properly over time. That is what happens with a lot of the old country roads.”

He explained the intersection will be redesigned to drain properly.

“If you go through any type of rainstorm over there, you have ponding throughout that entire western corner of that intersection,” he said. “It just ponds right into the middle of the east bound traffic of Detroit.”

According to Knopf, installing these sewers and fixing the flooding problem will help with the hypothetical extension of the road allowable under the Master Plan. He also said a small portion of the road sits on private property, and that it will be redesigned to sit on public property.

“It’s just the way it was, and people never really looked into it,” he said.

Knopf said he has some money set aside if any utility work needs to be done when the installations begin, but doesn’t believe the work will interfere with utilities too much.

He also said the city doesn’t have a very good idea of what lies beneath the ground in that area of the city because accurate drawings do not exist.

“Part of this project is, we will end up finding out what is underneath there,” he said.”One of the first things we’re doing is getting a topographic survey done of the whole area so that we can locate all the utilities, know exactly what is there and get a preliminary layout done.”

For the storm sewer installation on Elizabeth, Puth and Joseph streets, the design process has already been done by Bramhall Engineering and Surveying for $72,788. A bid for installation work has been awarded to Charles Ackers Construction for $864,754, and Bramhall will remain on the job for field inspection purposes.

“I like having the design engineer to assist on the field work because they are qualified and it helps,” Knopf said.

According to Knopf, this installation work should begin sometime in February. No grant money is involved. According to Finance Director Bill Logan, the city has money budgeted for infrastructure improvements, and money for this project was allotted last year.

“In our note that we issued last July, we put $795,000 of that note at that time to what I would refer to as Phase 1 storm sewer project for Elizabeth, Puth and Joseph,” Logan said. “We’ve spent some of that money on engineering and that sort of thing. But now that the project is really a storm sewer project, there really is no phase 1 and phase 2. We’ve already borrowed the bulk of this money on a note from last year. The $864,754 is very favorable to what we were estimating for the two phases put together.”

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