Avon council to seek two more properties


By Rebecca Turman

The city of Avon will pursue additional properties through the eminent domain process in order to build the I-90 interchange at Nagel Road.

Avon City Council passed two more resolutions during a Monday night special meeting to “declare the necessity to appropriate land necessary for the construction of an I-90 interchange at Nagel Road.”

For one property, owned by The Lorain County Vacant Land LLC, the city will need .015 acres for a temporary construction easement and .071 acres for a utility easement.

From the other property, owned by The Autobody Shop Property LLC, the city needs .184 acres for a warranty deed taking, .307 acres for a temporary construction easement and .184 acres for a utility easement.

During the Monday night meeting, Avon Law Director John Gasior said Karen and John Ebert own both properties.

According to Gasior, the city was in negotiations with the Eberts.

“We have yet to reach that agreement, and we want to make sure we are in a position to move forward in case negotiations break down,” he said.

Council’s Monday night vote came after its decision to pass 12 separate similar resolutions at a Nov. 8 regular meeting – all part of the eminent domain process.

At the Nov. 8 meeting, Gasior said, “This step has to be taken in order to go to court. This is a statutory requirement.”

All 14 property owners have 30 days from the time their individual resolutions were passed by council to reach an agreement with the city before a petition is filed to appropriate the properties in common pleas court.

When the city files each individual petition, it will have to deposit a check for each property with the court for the amount of money the city is willing to pay.

Gasior told council members at a Nov. 1 work session once the checks are filed with the court, the city can “treat the property as if it is ours,” as part of the quick take eminent domain process.

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