Roadblocks could lie ahead for I-90 interchange land acquisition

The new I-90 Interchange will be built at Lear Road. Press graphic

The new I-90 Interchange will be built at Lear Road. Press graphic


By Rebecca Turman

If agreements cannot be reached in the upcoming month, the city of Avon may take almost a dozen property owners to court to acquire their land for the I-90 interchange at Nagel Road.

At the end of July, the city made offers to 31 property owners totaling $6.1 million for their land needed to build the interchange. Initial individual offers ranged from $1,100 to $1.39 million.

Of the 31 properties, one acquisition – the Herbst 0.052-acre property – was deleted, as it has been deemed no longer required for interchange construction.

Another property owner – Cleveland Clinic – has donated property to the city. The city initially offered the Clinic $12,500 for the property.

The city has signed agreements with 11 parcel owners while eight other parcels are still in negotiation.

As of a Sept. 22 monthly status report from TranSystems Corporation, 11 parcels are considered to be in appropriation, which means an agreement has not been reached.

At an interchange stakeholders’ meeting in early June regarding assessments that would be passed onto property owners near the interchange, Rose Jenne, chairman of Jenne Distributors Inc. located on Chester Road, voiced her concerns.

“This interchange is definitely going to affect my business,” Jenne said at the June meeting. “It will cost me $1.5 million to move my building. (The interchange) doesn’t benefit me. It will kill my business.”

On Oct. 1, Avon Planning Coordinator Jim Piazza said the 11 property owners, including the Jenne Family Limited Partnership, have been notified the city may seek legal recourse if a settlement cannot be reached soon. Action probably wouldn’t be taken until November, he said.

“Council has to issue an ordinance,” he said of taking the property owners to court.

The city has until January to complete the land acquisition process.

According to TranSystems’ September update, the project cost for property acquired up to Sept. 22 was $3.89 million, of the total projected cost of $6.1 million. Avon Finance Director Bill Logan’s records, however, show $759,880 of property has been paid for, while other payments are pending.

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