City revisits rules regarding farm stands; reminds businesses of outdoor sales protocol

May 27th, 2016 by nicolehennessy

By Nicole Hennessy


The City of Avon prohibits merchandise set up in parking lots. Councilman Dennis McBride said Home Depot continuously breaks this rule. City officials are also re-evaluating ordinances regulating roadside farm stands in residential areas. Press photo – Nicole Hennessy

As traffic intensifies in Avon, so must city-led initiatives to keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

In response to perceived safety issues, Avon City Council and …Read More

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Run of late-inning losses results in bad flashback for longtime Tribe fan

May 3rd, 2016 by mfitzpatrick

Nothing can torment the soul of a baseball fan more than seeing their team go down to defeat in a last-inning loss.

As a diehard Cleveland Indians fan dating back to the 1973 season I’ve experienced my share of tough-to-swallow, walk-off losses, as they are now called. None made one gag more than that Game Seven walk-off, extra-inning loss to the Florida Marlins in the 1997 …Read More